Our sheep and beef farm extends to almost 2000 acres of hill land on the Pentlands, just outside of Edinburgh. Rich in wildlife and with a desolate beauty, we fall within a Government designated AREA OF GREAT LANDSCAPE VALUE. We recognise the pressure that our guests and we have on this precious resource and therefore try to run both our farm and our self-catering business to minimise any harm to the environment.

We also run a privately owned waste management business 12 miles away from Crosswoodhill, where the emphasis is very much on re-using, recycling, and minimising the amount of waste that goes to landfill. We are continually shocked at how much Britain remains a throw-away society.

At Crosswoodhill, we are committed to preventing pollution, continued environmental improvement and complying with all relevant environmental legisislation. In fact we have moved on from being merely legislatively compliant to implementing a waste and recycling policy designed to reduce the environmental impact of our businesses. We do this by recycling as much as possible, minimising energy use and loss, and seizing on any other initiatives which have relevance here. We try to support the local economy, benefit the local community, reduce congestion and pollution and signpost our guests to nearby “green” sources where, for example, they can purchase and enjoy the most natural of Scottish food. We believe that your stay with us will be much improved by these measures. Full details can be found in our “Green file” in each property. We are always happy to listen to your ideas as to how we can improve our green credentials.

As a symbol of our commitment to caring for the Environment, as well as our wish further to enhance our customer care, in late 2007 we applied for membership of the Green Tourism Business Scheme. We are trying our very best to meet their very exacting criteria. If you are not already familiar with their green oval logo, please do look out for it. Tourism businesses keen to support a more sustainable tourism are increasingly signing up to this Scheme. And to be eligible, businesses also need to demonstrate quality and belong to a Quality Assurance Scheme.

Whilst you are here we know you will want to explore a lot of the fascinating attractions so accessible from here, but can we just “plant” an idea or two before you finalise your plans. Perhaps leave the car at home one day and explore the farm? Or plan a walk or cycle ride nearby? Each property offers maps and guides, as well as identification books on wildlife, birds, flora and fauna.

If you wander the farm you will see for yourselves some of the environmentally friendly measures we have implemented: tree planting and shelter belts, rebuilding stone dykes (never-ending!), the use of high-grade compost from our recycling business as a substitute for artificial fertiliser. 1000 of our 2000 hill farm acres have been designated by Scottish Natural Heritage as SSSIs (Sites of Special Scientific Interest). We manage these by being careful not to overgraze these wetland areas with our sheep in order to preserve the lichens and mosses and some rare botanical flora.

Crosswoodhill Farm is a member of FWAG, the Farming Wildlife Advisory Group.

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