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Please note: Crosswoodhill is on the A70, not the A71 as our West Calder address misleadingly suggests. On arrival call at our main farmhouse door beside the red gravel. If no reply, a note pinned to this door will enable you to locate your property and we will meet up with you later.

Concise directions!

Locate us on your road-map to the south west of Edinburgh. Some maps mark "Crosswoodhill", others don’t. We are on the A70, one mile west of the junction with the B7008. First house on right if coming from the Edinburgh direction.

Or if using satellite navigation: our postcode is: EH55 8LP This may take you to the “wrong house”, our shepherd’s one-storey house, “The Beeches”. If this happens you need to find our 2 storey house, Crosswoodhill, a few hundred yards along the road, on the other side of the road on a bad bend. Either enter through the black gates on the bend, or a few yards further on, up the tarmac drive where you see the Crosswoodhill Farm Holiday Cottages notices at the roadside. Our door, which we ask you to come to, is beside the red gravel at the front of the house.

More detailed directions below for those who find these more helpful!

Please now select the appropriate starting point of your travels from the options below. Hopefully the directions, in conjunction with your own road map, if you have one, or an online print out from Google Maps / AA / RAC routeplanners should bring you easily to Crosswoodhill.

Once here we do provide good road maps in the cottages, but you need to get here first!

Directions for those starting their journey from England and the South


The M1 / A1 (M) is either motorway or dual carriageway from London to Newcastle Upon Tyne. The A 1 then deteriorates in standard, en route to Edinburgh. If using the M1/ A1 North to Northumberland and Edinburgh, you will find the Newcastle bypass useful. From Newcastle there are 3 routes to Edinburgh:

(i) The A1 bypassing Berwick on Tweed, or

(ii) Leave the A1 beyond Morpeth and take the A697 through Wooler and Coldstream joining with the A68 at Carfraemill to Edinburgh.

(iii) The third route is the A696 past Newcastle Airport, and then the A68 to Jedburgh and Edinburgh.

Scenically the last two routes, through Border Country and more winding roads, are vastly superior to the rather dreary A1 but the latter is probably quicker.

Whichever of these 3 routes you opt for I would advise avoiding the centre of Edinburgh by using the Edinburgh City Bypass, the A720. This is clearly signposted from the A1 on the eastern outskirts of the city and from the A68. Exit after approx. 8 to 11 miles ( depending on where you have joined) to join the A70 Lanark road heading west out of Edinburgh. ( If you miss this turn-off from the A720 don’t despair, take the next exit to join the A71 heading west to Kilmarnock, but go only as far as West Calder, then take B7008 for 5 miles to join the A70 and turn right for Crosswoodhill.). Where the road splits at traffic lights keep to the right, to the A70. A couple of miles further on, as you emerge from the avenue of trees, note the West Lothian boundary sign. Crosswoodhill is approx. 10 miles further on. Next landmark to note is the junction on right, the B7008 to West Calder. Do not take but remain on the A70. House is first on right, 1 mile beyond B7008 junction, on sharp bend in middle of avenue of old beech trees. The house sign on the stone pillar is not visible from the road. Enter through the black gates. Our main door is beside red gravel. If you miss this entrance, come up the back entrance, signposted Crosswoodhill.


(travelling north from England or Wales)

The M6 bypasses Carlisle and links with the M74. This means that there is motorway or dual carriageway from London / Birmingham to Glasgow for those travelling straight up the M6 and also for those travelling on the M1 who have opted to continue up the M6 near Rugby. And for those crossing to join the western M6 route from Scotch Corner to Penrith on the A66, or crossing from A1 (M) to Carlisle area on the A69 it’s mostly motorway. The M6 ends and the M74 begins near Gretna. Continue on M74 and exit at Junction 12 (long before Glasgow) to take A70, heading east to Lanark and Edinburgh. Check very carefully at each road junction that you remain on the A70 all the time. You can avoid going into Lanark by following the sign not long after Hyndford Bridge for the A70. At Carnwath take left at the top of the village, still on A70, signposted for Edinburgh and continue for 8 miles. After you pass a dark green sign "WEST LOTHIAN" with its logo of a viaduct you are getting close. IGNORE a sign saying "Wester Crosswoodhill" on your right - this is another farm altogether – and continue a few hundred yards until you see a roadside "bend" sign, almost opposite a cottage dwarfed by farm buildings close to the roadside. Turn left into the lane signposted Crosswoodhill on the left hand side. If you miss this signposted lane up to the house, at the sharp bend turn left through the black gates instead. Please note the name of the house is not signposted here at the front gates and cannot be seen until you go through the gates. (If you go too far and see a sign B7008 to the right, you have gone too far by one mile, so turn back.)


For those starting their journey within Scotland


(which is to the west of the city.) Follow the signs to take the M8 to Glasgow and then Edinburgh and then follow directions immediately below this:


Take the M8 in the direction of Edinburgh, leaving at Junction 4 WHITBURN turn-off. Follow signs for A705, travelling east towards Blackburn, a couple of miles. (NOT Whitburn direction). Once in Blackburn, turn RIGHT and onto B792 marked WEST CALDER. Continue for a few miles, straight ahead, until you pass under a railway bridge and meet a T -Junction at the approach to West Calder. Turn LEFT onto the A71. Very soon, after passing the garage on your right, take the first RIGHT marked B7008. Go straight for 5 miles until you reach the T junction with the A70. Turn RIGHT, travelling in the direction of Carnwath. One mile further on, on a sharp bend in the middle of an avenue of beech trees, you see the first house on the right. Enter through the BLACK GATES. Note: the Crosswoodhill sign on the stone pillar beside the black gates is not visible from the road. Ring bell of door beside red gravel.


Because the airport is to the west of Edinburgh, you do not want to go into Edinburgh. Instead head west in the Glasgow direction, taking the A8 for less than a mile to a huge roundabout with traffic lights (known as Newbridge roundabout) Take the first left exit at this roundabout. This is signposted as the M8 motorway to Glasgow. Keep on this motorway. The road soon splits. Keep to right lane, heading for Glasgow not Edinburgh. You want to leave at the next junction signposted as Junction 3 for Livingston. As you leave the slip road off the motorway bear immediately left onto another short slip road. This takes you onto the A899 dual carriageway, travelling south through Livingston for a couple of miles or so. Keep going straight, ignoring all slip roads until you reach a large roundabout. Here you want to take the A71 into West Calder, NOT the A71 for Edinburgh. Therefore take the third exit to your left onto the A71 to West Calder. Carry straight on the A70 for three or four miles past several roundabouts, through Polbeth. Once you go over the railway bridge and pass the Police Station you are almost in West Calder. At this point take the first left, signposted Harburn B7008. Continue up this road for 5 miles, ignoring all junctions until you reach a T Junction with the A70. Turn right here. Crosswoodhill is the first house on your right, one mile further along. The house sign on the stone pillar is not visible from the road. Enter through black gates on a sharp bend amidst an avenue of beech trees. Ring bell at door ahead of you beside the red gravel.

An alternative more pleasant rural route from Edinburgh airport: Look at your road map to figure this out, but basically you take the A8 to Newbridge Roundabout, do NOT take the motorway, the M8, but instead take the second exit for the B7030, turn right at Wilkieston onto the A71, then take the B7031, go over the level crossing at Kirknewton, and on until you meet the junction with the A70. Turn right here and travel for about 10 miles along the A70, heading west but after passing the sign for the B7008 on your right to West Calder, you are only one mile away from Crosswoodhill on your right.

House is first on right on A70, 1 mile beyond this junction, on sharp bend in middle of avenue of old beech trees. Black gates. Ring door beside red gravel


A70 through Currie, heading towards Lanark. Approx. 10 miles from outskirts, note junction on right, but don’t take. (B7008 to West Calder). House is first on right on A70, 1 mile beyond junction, on sharp bend in middle of avenue of old beech trees. Black gates. Ring door beside red gravel.


( via Lanark or Carnwath.) At top of main street of Carnwath turn left, still on A70 and continue for 8 miles. After a dark green sign "WEST LOTHIAN" with its logo of a viaduct you are less than one mile away. Pass the farm "Wester Crosswoodhill" on your right. NOT US! Yards after the "bend" road sign opposite our farm buildings turn into the lane on the left hand side signposted CROSSWOODHILL and follow the lawn parallel to road round to the front of the house. If you miss this lane up to the house, at the sharp bend on the A70 turn left through the black gates.


I suggest you study your road-map and link into one of the options described above. If you are coming over the Forth Bridge, you do not want to go into Edinburgh, but follow the signs to the airport but at Newbridge roundabout, this side of the airport, you need to choose which route you want to follow from the 2 choices above listed under From Edinburgh Airport.

Please note: If / when you find West Calder on your map you need to remember that Crosswoodhill is 6 miles south of West Calder, on the main A70. It is NOT on the A71, the road that runs through West Calder.

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